Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Open Enrollment

Question: I’m worried about plan changes. Can Ask Tracy B. show me a better or less expensive plan?

Answer: Change is not a four-letter word. It’s a good thing.

Certain plans allow changes at ANY time of the year, not just during Open Enrollment. (Some rules apply).

Whether it’s a Medicare Supplemental Insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan, the Ask Tracy B. team can help!

Medicare supplements cost as little as $33 a month. The Part C Advantage Plan starts at $0 a month. Most clients save $60 a month or as much as $4,000 a year.

At Ask Tracy B. after you answer 2-3 quick questions, we offer you the best options available. After that, you let us know which you prefer. The choice is yours.



Question: I’m paying a lot for medications. Can the Ask Tracy B. team save me money?


Answer: Yes, some companies are offering better prescription drug formularies and reduced premiums.

In San Diego, California there are twenty-eight Part D Rx plans. To make your decision easier, we have a quoting tool that rivals the competition – giving you the best price, deductible and prescriptions.

First, to start your quote, we need a list of your current prescriptions. Then, let one of our Ask Tracy B. team members look at your medications list, outline your options and offer solutions that result in the best decision for you.



Question: I understand there’s “extra help” for people earning less than $1550.00. People can get medications at low cost or free. I might qualify. Where do I sign up?


Answer: Take your first step here. Then, a licensed member of the Ask Tracy B. team will call you to discuss the criteria and help you sign up.



Question: I’m tired and frustrated with having to get referrals. I want to visit the doctor of my choice. Are there low-cost supplements available?

Answer: Yes, there are “High Deductible” plans available. Premiums start at $33 a month. You can see any Medicare doctor in the country with a high deductible.

If the words “high deductible” worry you, then consider a Reserve Fund Annuity. This money is yours and it funds the co-pays if you ever need it. You earn interest and keep your money.

Stay insured, protect your health and your wallet with premiums that work for any budget.



Question: I haven’t signed up for Social Security or Part B. I’m worried about penalties. Can the Ask Tracy B. team help me?

Answer: Yes, a team member can assist you with this process and guide you every step of the way. It’s best that we talk right after you turn 64 so that together we can put a plan in place to safeguard your medical future.

“Nothing helped me understand Medicare until a friend referred me to Tracy! She explained the ABC’s of Medicare in less than 15 minutes. . . . When plans change, improve or move out of my city, she will be there to help me to switch coverage forever.

Debra M.

The process is easy. Just contact the Ask Tracy B. Team

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